Energy codes and standards set minimum efficiency requirements for new and renovated buildings, assuring reductions in energy use and emissions over the life of the building. 

This module will help you understand the latest Illinois Energy Conservation Code Guidelines for Commercial Buildings. We focus on the lighting guidelines here. 

By building to code, you are ensuring that your building is more

  • comfortable,
  • cost effective, and
  • energy efficient

When you complete this module, you will receive a certificate that indicates that you have received continuing education credit. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Introductions and Instructions

    • Why Learn about the Illinois Energy Conservation Code?

    • What is the Illinois Energy Conservation Code?

    • 2018 IECC changes

    • Commercial or Residential?

    • What Climate Zone Is My Building In?

    • Construction Document Review and Inspections

    • Commercial Compliance Pathways

  • 2

    Key Things to Know about Commercial Lighting

    • Why Lighting is Important?

    • Advances in Lighting Technology

  • 3

    Lighting Requirements for Dwelling Units & Sleeping Units

    • Dwelling Units within Multifamily Buildings

    • All Other Dwelling Units

    • Sleeping Units

  • 4

    Lighting Controls (Mandatory)

    • Luminaire Level Lighting Control

    • Occupant Sensor Controls (C405.2.1)

    • Time Switch Controls (C405.2.2) & Light Reduction Controls (C405.2.2.2)

    • Daylight Responsive Controls (C405.2.3)

    • Specific Application Controls (C405.2.4)

    • Manual Controls (C405.2.5)

    • Exterior Lighting Controls (C405.2.6)

  • 5

    Interior Lighting Power Requirements (Prescriptive)

    • Total Connected Lighting Power (C405.3.1)

    • Interior Lighting Power Allowance (C405.3.2)

  • 6

    Exterior Lighting Power Requirements (Mandatory)

    • Total Connected Exterior Building Exterior Lighting Power (C405.4.1)

    • Exterior Lighting Power Allowance (C405.4.2)

  • 7

    Additional Efficiency Package Options: Lighting

    • Reduced lighting power and enhanced digital lighting controls (C406.3 and C406.4)

  • 8

    Commissioning: Lighting Requirements

    • Functional Testing of Lighting Controls (C408.3)

  • 9

    Final Quiz and Survey

    • Final Quiz

    • Survey

Learn about the Illinois Energy Conservation Code lighting guidelines for commercial buildings! 

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